Dog Walks

Since being in Spain I have really taken to taking my dog on longer walks, strolling through the orange groves and mountainous scenery that surrounds our home here (a task that, in England, I would frequently pass on to my mum). I don’t know whether it is the undisputed beauty that surrounds me here or the freedom from heavy traffic and chavs in tracksuits that have made the humble dog walk far more appealing for me. I do know for sure that it has most certainly bolstered my exercise regime and made me actually enjoy *drum roll*  running *gasp* even if it is on the rather tedious treadmill at the gym. In between work and the blistering midday sun I find that, unlike England, the ideal time to dog walk is either 9am or 9pm when it is a much cooler 27-ish degrees.

I have found myself spending most of my time on these dog walks pondering more in depth and personal questions, rather than the simplistic and generic thoughts that consume me the second I look on my phone. It is only on these walks that I have truly had time to think about the prospect of University and living in London, remembering memories from school and actually noticing the friends that I have not spoken to since leaving. I think about books that I have read and wish to read, the ways in which I would change the world, the ideas I could fill this blog with and how much I have to look forward to in the coming months.

But, obviously, between all of these thoughts there is also Pepe *woof*, my dog. She was a present on my 16th birthday – a companion I had been yearning for for a very long time (perhaps the result of being an only child?). She was the present I was so happy to receive while my peers were all receiving 16th birthday presents of clothes and shoes and perfumes. I love her very much and feel truly jealous that for many years she favoured my mum. It was not my fault that I did not have to wake up first in the morning and so, be the one to feed her, nor was it my fault that I toss and turn in my bed, so much so that my mum’s bed became her sanctuary of safety at night. However, since living in Spain and going on these walks together I truly believe that we have bonded once again, much like that first year of her coming to us. She accepts my wriggling, she cuddles me constantly and now spends the day sleeping on MY bed. It may seem like the smallest of things, to want a dog to favour you, but I do believe that a dog is truly (wo)man’s best friend and I sleep far sounder with her curled up on the pillow next to me!

Speak soon,

Kitty xxx

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